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SparkCheck'r Hands-Free Engine Ignition Analyzer

Engine won't start on the lawnmower, chainsaw, generator, tractor, car, truck, motorcycle, boat or snowmobile?

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Advanced micro-circuit design makes ignition diagnostics a one-person job.

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3 LED lights and attached troubleshooting tag makes it easy to diagnose the problem

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One AAA 1.5-volt alkaline battery included - comes ready to use!

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Spring-loaded gripper hook with auto on and off - no hands!

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Ergonomic Design

Remove the guesswork without removing the spark plug or wires. SparkCheck’r safely and accurately tests for proper spark, shorted/fouled plugs and even broken plug wires. This highly accurate diagnostic tool uses micro-circuit technology to help determine why the engine won’t start. Hands-free operation - just clip it on and crank it over. Works on all two- and four-stroke engines, with and without electronic CD ignitions. Ideal for all outdoor power equipment, vehicles, ATV's, snowmobiles, and more! Stores easily in any toolbox, glove compartment, truck box, etc.

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