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Mineral Magnet II   Model TWI-5001

The Mineral Magnet Scale and Deposit Eliminator allows you to taste, see and feel the difference that cleaner water pipes make.

This unique product uses 'magnetohydrodynamics' to modify the polarization of mineral salts to condition fresh water, especially hard water from wells and pumps.

The result of the Mineral Magnet is better-tasting drinks, healthier skin and hair, cleaner dishes and softer, fluffier laundry. Installs in seconds on any incoming fresh water pipe 1 1/2" or smaller.

No chemicals, salt, tools or maintenance required!


  • Uses 'magnetohydrodynamics' to modify polarization of mineral salts to condition fresh water
  • Produces better tasting drinks, healthier skin & hair, cleaner dishers and softer, fluffier laundry

The Mineral Magnet is an innovative product which will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Please Contact Us or Click Here to Find a Retailer near you.

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