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Memory Foam

Console/Armrest Cushion   Model CCG-400 (L/gray) CCG-300 (M/gray)

New! Memory Foam Console/Armrest Cushion for Vehicles
Add needed comfort to your console!

Most center consoles are too hard, too low or just plain uncomfortable.
Trillium’s Console Cushion is made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam and offers much needed comfort to your console, while still permitting access to the storage area below. Great for the long hauls. The durable, stain and water-resistant micro-fleece cover can be removed for cleaning.

Available in two sizes to fit most consoles:

11.7"x5.5"x2" Console Cushion Small
Model CCG-300 – Gray  Master: 12 pcs.
13"x7"x2" Console Cushion Large
Model CCG-400 – Gray  Master: 12 pcs.

Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion   Model MFB-8039

Trillium lumbar support offers superior support with the added comfort of a 100% molded memory foam. Memory foam gently molds and contours by design to the natural curves and shape of the lumbar region around your lower back. If you plan to use a support for long periods of time, then you'll find that this lumbar support offers you the kind of long term comfort you've been looking for. Memory Foam was originally developed for use in the NASA space program, and it reacts and responds completely differently from other, standard foams. The orthopedic design adds comfort and stability to your back. Use the Lumbar Support for travel, work or in the home. You'll love the soothing comfort provided in the office or in your car. One of our most popular choices for personal use or as a gift! Available in Dark Gray. Width: 15.5" Height: 13.5" Depth: 3"

Headrest Cushion   Model MFH-2042

Our new headrest is made with space-age memory foam. The most comfortable support you'll find anywhere. Covers are zippered for easy removal and cleaning. It features an elastic band for a secure hold in place and it’s perfect for long, tedious drives.

Our Memory Foam will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Please Contact Us or Click Here to Find a Retailer near you.

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