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CozyCushion II - Heated Rear Seat Cushion   Model TWI-1603

The World’s First 12-Volt Heated Rear Seat Cushion with HI/LO/OFF heat control.
Warms rear seat passengers quickly, even in the coldest weather.
Enjoy the warmth, comfort and luxury of heated rear seats without the expense!

Plug the cord into any 12-volt power outlet and feel the soothing warmth
radiate through your seat bottom. Ideal for short trips and cross-country journeys.
Fabric is super-soft polyester sating. Cushion is .6” thick polyester foam.
Sturdy elastic straps and plastic clips hold the cushion securely in place.

70” power cord provides enough length to reach front and rear power outlets.
Back and edging are ultra-strong, long-lasting nylon.

  • Temperature control: HI/OFF/LO switch
  • Self-Adjusting Thermostat
  • Fused plug guards against overheating
  • Fits most cars, trucks, SUV’s and RV’s

Voltage: 12 volts Watts: LO 35/HI 38 watts Amps: LO 2.9/HI 3.2 amps

Made in China

The CozyCushion II 12-volt Heated Rear Seat Cushion is an innovative product which will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Please Contact Us or Click Here to Find a Retailer near you.

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